The human body has an almost magical ability to heal itself. But every now and then, it needs some specialized help. That's where we come in. At Pioneers Memorial Hospital’s new Physical Therapy Center, we not only help patients recover from illness, injury or surgery, we set the standard for rehabilitation in the Imperial Valley and beyond.  We see patients across the lifespan.

For starters, we're adept at healing all kinds of injuries for all kinds of patients, from pediatric through adult. We have dedicated therapists for virtually every specialty.  Services include but not limited to:  post-op recovery, aquatic physical therapy, pediatric therapy, wound care, return to work, sports, functional capacity evaluations, and physical job requirement evaluation.

The fact that our Center is located conveniently across the street from Pioneers Memorial Hospital is another advantage for our patients. Stroke patients, for instance, have access to a variety of on-site specialists in the event a crisis occurs. It's also easier to do swallow studies on dysphasia patients because radiologists and speech therapists work down the hall from one another, not in another community.

Within our inpatient unit, our team of certified physical therapists and nurses is committed to excellence. They're equipped with the knowledge and equipment to treat everything from strokes to bone fractures to head injuries.


Physical Therapy Staff

One of the newer features of the facility is the indoor aquatic therapy pool, which is the only indoor therapy pool in Imperial Valley. The SwimEx pool is the leading choice for state of the art rehabilitation centers. The paddlewheel propulsion produces controllable resistance in the pool, with an adjustable current.  This adjustment water flow is excellent for patients with back problems, as well as those who require water therapy due to hip replacement surgery.  The pool is maintained between 88 – 96 degrees F.  A hydraulic chair is available to assist clients in and out of the pool which has adjustable depths of 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet.  The pool has 8 built-in workstations to customize each patient’s treatment session

The pool is in a separate room from the physical therapy area to offer greater privacy during the therapy session.Private changing area with lockers for street clothes is provided.


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