The Women’s Auxiliary of Pioneers Memorial Hospital was established the same year the hospital opened in 1950 by a group of community-minded women, primarily residing in the north-end of Imperial County. Their goal then was to make Pioneers Memorial Hospital the best and most modern health care facility in the region.

They strongly believe they have accomplished their goal and continue to support PMH to insure that it remains the premiere hospital in the region focused on women’s health and pediatric care.

The Women’s Auxiliary has donated $1,206,709 since 1952 for scholarships, medical equipment and furnishings for the Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District.

In the last four years some of the gifts include the five furnished birthing rooms in the Women’s Center, Endoscopy video equipment and a bone density machine.

Along with the PMH Foundation, the Women’s Auxiliary donated $50,000 towards the indoor aquatic therapy pool located in the physical therapy department at Pioneers Memorial Hospital . And most recently another $50,000 toward digital component upgrades to the Stereo Tactic Mammography equipment.

Each year the Auxiliary awards scholarship to students enrolled in the Imperial Valley Nursing Program. As of 2010 the total contribution for scholarship is $296,000. All recipients are residents of the Imperial Valley.

The Women’s Auxiliary operates the Gift Shop with the profits donated to the various projects selected to support PMH. The gift shop is on the first floor of the hospital adjacent to the cafeteria.

The gift shop is the noted as the best boutique in the north-end of the County. In addition to the gift shop, the Auxiliary raises funds with two annual “Country Kitchen” bake sales. Many members of the Auxiliary are renowned cooks, and the bake sales are always a best seller in the Valley. They also sponsor other fundraising events each year.

  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • v2nd Vice President
  • 3rd Vice President
  • Financial Secretary
  • Recording Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor
  • 3-Year Director
  • 2-Year Director
  • 1-Year Director
  • 1-Year Director
  • 1-Year Director
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Parliamentarian
  • Senior Gift Shop Buyer
  • Ex Officio
  • Ex-Officio
  • Ex-Officio

Susan Tucker
Lori Young
Jody Remington
Marie Mallory
Mary Sue Shank
Barbara Cox
Sherrian Hess
Sandra Austin
Robin Williams
Charlotte Ashurst
Sarah Tucker
Sue Hannon
Kathleen Haars
Jackie Motter
Katie Martin
Karen Smith
Kelly Vitt
Joyce Sutton
Debbie Cameron

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