The human body has an almost magical ability to heal itself. Sometimes however, the body can use specialized help. 

Therapy Solutions at Pioneers not only helps patients recover from illness, injury or surgery, we set the standard for rehabilitation in the Imperial Valley and beyond.

Within our inpatient unit, our team of certified physical therapists and nurses are committed to excellence. They’re equipped with the knowledge and equipment to treat everything from strokes, bone fractures and head injuries.

Therapy Solutions at Pioneers is adept at healing a variety of injuries.We have dedicated therapists in many specialties.  Services include but not limited to:

  • Post-op recovery
  • Pediatric therapy
  • Wound care
  • Return to work
  • Sports
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Physical job requirement evaluation.

Therapy Solutions at Pioneers is conveniently located across the street from Pioneers Memorial Hospital, serving as an advantage for all our patients.

Location and Hours

Outpatient Care
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tel: 760.351.3288

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